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Dear Friends, 

On behalf of myself and the staff of The Rivers and Mountains Conservancy, and our JPA’s; the Watershed Conservation Authority, Los Cerritos Wetlands Authority and San Gabriel River Discovery Center Authority, we thank you for your support throughout the years as we celebrate our 15th Anniversary of Investing in Parks and Open Space

As the State’s only urban conservancy, we are humbled by the voter’s passage of Proposition 1 and are grateful for the opportunity to continue to invest in returning nature to our urban communities, as well as, improve habitat and access to open space in our mountains and along our river corridors in the years to come

Together through our partnerships, grantees, JPA’s and supporters, we have been successful in bringing attention to the unmet needs of our communities and to bringing parks and restoring natural system function throughout our territory. In continuing this important work together, we can all make a difference in meeting our critical water and open space needs. 

In this time of thanksgiving, from our families to yours we wish you a very Joyous Holiday Season and All the Best in 2015.


Mark Stanley
Executive Officer

POSTPONED: Rivers and Mountains Conservancy 15th Anniversary Celebration, Updated Dec. 9, 2014
    Due to the incoming rain storm predicted by meteorologists and the potential for hazardous conditions, the 15 Year Celebration of the San Gabriel and Lower Los Angeles Rivers and Mountains Conservancy, scheduled Friday, December 12, 2014 at Legg Lake in Whittier Narrows has been cancelled. We look forward to celebrating this milestone in the RMC history sometime in the Spring of 2015.


Public meetings of the Watershed Conservation Authority are scheduled to be held eight months each year. Click on Next Meeting and Previous Meeting to find details of those meetings.


Plans have been or are being developed for five areas. Click here for a brief overview of all five areas, or click on the following plan titles for more complete information:


Ranger services for properties owned and managed by the Watershed Conservation Authority (WCA) are provided by the Mountains Recreation & Conservation Authority (MRCA). As such, rules and regulations for WCA properties, and the prescribed punishment for violation thereof, are established in the MRCA Park Ordinance (26 page pdf file).
      If you have received a citation from an MRCA Ranger on WCA property and have specific questions or comments, please contact the MRCA directly at their toll-free citation information line, (877) 847-2338, Monday-Friday between 7:00 am and 3:00 pm or visit their Frequently Asked Questions page.


Some uses on WCA property require a Special Use Permit. Criteria that necessitate an application for a  Special Use Permit include:

  • Access to publicly closed areas or properties
  • Commercial filming activities
  • Commercial still picture activities
  • Events with 20 or more people expected
  • Live music entertainment
  • Weddings, quinceaneras, or other ceremonies
  • Fee collection (donations, admissions, concession, or merchandise sales)
  • Vehicular traffic interference and/or closing of interior roads and/or adjacent public streets
  • Use of amenities other than their specified recreational use
  • Any aviation ascent or descent into a WCA property

Click on the following titles to download the documents — all are pdf files:

If you are not sure if a Special Use Permit is required for a use that you are considering, or if you have other questions relating to Special Use Permits, contact the WCA at (626) 815-1019. Please be prepared with a description of the property and specific locations for use, so that we can direct you to the appropriate property manager.
      Any person using WCA property for a use that includes any of the above mentioned criteria must have the original signed Special Use Permit in their possession and shall display such permit at the request of any employee of the WCA or of the Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority, or any peace officer.  No person shall violate any term, condition, or limitation of any such permit.

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