About WSCA

The WatershedConservationAuthority.org website is dedicated to promoting the preservation of clean water sources, our environment as well as products that keep water safe in our homes.

Please note we are not related to the Government Organization in Azusa, California. To see their site, please visit them here.

The goal with this website is to educate people on social media about the challenges facing us around water conservation and access to clean water around the world. In our current paradigm, we seem to believe that there is an unlimited amount of water available to us. We want to educate folks that if we continue as we are, there will be no clean water left for our grand children.

We will seek to promote stories of companies that are abusing our water and the politicians that kill regulations that allow them to do it. Remember, this earth needs to last hundreds of of generations in the future, no amount of corporate profits now is worth the price our descendants will pay.