How to Preserve and Filter water for your whole home

With more and more data suggesting that global warming will continue to cause unpredictable weather patterns, the preservation of water becomes more and more critical with every passing year. In addition to global warming, water pollution continues to be a major concern as populations and industry expand in the United States.

One way you can protect the water in your home is by purchasing and installing a whole house water filtration system. These filters are great at removing sediment from your water which in turn will naturally make your home consume less water. Be sure to read some whole house water filter reviews before making a purchase; ensuring you get the perfect unit for your home.

How filters preserve water

When you are doing your day to day tasks such as the dishes, laundry and taking showers, you will notice that you use more water when it’s harder. This is because soap produces many more suds in unfiltered water. In addition, human skin will feel softer in filtered water than in hard, unfiltered water, resulting in the average person taking 3.4 more minutes on average per shower when using water that hasn’t first been filtered.

What whole house water filters remove

If your water is highly contaminated, you’ll need more than a whole house water filter, and may need a solution such as reverse osmosis. A typical water filtration system will only remove sediments and heavy metals, but will fail to remove pathogens and small particles. That’s why water filters are best suited for safe water, such as from a local well, and not so much for a water source such as a lake.

Will it remove fluoride?

Whole house water filter will not remove fluoride. If you are concerned about fluoride in your water, you may want to consider a strong water filter pitcher or counter top water filter with a specific fluoride filter. They are available without any installation, but generally are a little more expensive.

Removing Bad Odors

If your water source is well, you may have noticed a “rotten egg” smell coming from your water. This is caused by sulfates, which are usually harmless but definitely don’t smell very appealing. A whole house water filter will definitely help with this, and you can ensure that you don’t smell like eggs after a warm shower!