Dishwasher and Bathroom Waste Water – How to be eco-friendly

Have you ever wondered where your water goes when it goes down the drain?

In this article, we will tackle two common sources of dirty water in the home – your dishwasher and your bathroom.

Your dishwasher

When you use your dishwasher to clean dishes, lots of matter is washed away in the drain. In addition to organic molecules from your food, there will also be the dishwasher detergent in the mix.

Now, most people’s water is drained to a local water treatment plant, where advanced technology scrubs the water and prepares it for safe human consumption. But how much particulate is actually removed from the water? If your local treatment plant is not using reverse osmosis, there is a good chance a lot of this matter isn’t fully removed from your water.

For that reason, it’s important that you are responsible when selecting the right detergent. We suggesting reading reviews of dishwasher detergents and try to pick one that is eco friendly.

Your Bathroom

While unsavoury to think about, the water you flush down the toilet is eventually recycled to your drinking water. You can rest assured water is treated well enough to remove organic matter and kill all pathogens, but some of the hormones and chemicals may still get through the treatment plant. That’s why it’s very important to be responsible in the way you clean your toilet.

We highly advise against using any kind of permanent toilet bowl cleaner, especially any product that keeps your water permanently blue. Remember, all of us will be affected by your choice of cleaning products.

With the right education, we can make informed decisions about how to keep our communities safe, and our water as clean and pure as possible.


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