Preserve Water by Using Hot Water Dispensers

If you are like 1 in 3 Americans in 2018, you use a kettle at home to brew hot drinks, such as tea or coffee. But did you know that using a kettle or boiling water over a stove uses up to 60% more energy than using a hot water dispenser?

In the majority of cases, up to half the water boiled in a kettle is eventually dumped out down the drain, since more water is boiled than is required. This can also be solved by using a hot water dispenser, which will give you the exact amount of hot water you require, without any waste.

The best hot water dispensers are usually a tankless design, meaning they heat water in real time as it flows, similar to a water heater. This ensures that energy is not wasted by storing a fixed amount of water at a constant temperature, even when there is no demand for hot water.

The prices for hot water dispensers range from $25 up to $300, depending on the build quality, flow rate, efficiency and brand. Generally the cheaper models have a tank, which are less efficient, and the more expensive models are tankless, which use less energy and require less maintenance.

If you are one of the hundreds of millions of Americans drinking hot beverages on a daily basis, we urge you to consider a hot water dispenser to save water and energy.

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